Linux / UNIX: Geany Lightweight Integrated Development Environment

Geany is cross platform (UNIX/Windows/BSD) fast, powerful, easy to use integrated development environment for PHP, Java, C and much more. If you wanted to quickly edit source code, Geany is for you. Here’s an introduction to using Geany’s built-in features, including the IDE and built-in development capabilities.

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The Inheritance cycle was initially planned to be a trilogy. In an October 30, 2007 press release, Paolini revealed that the third book would have been so large that it would need to be published in two volumes. An April 11, 2008 newsletter sent out by Paolini alluded that this book will be longer than either Eragon or Eldest. Brisingr is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2008; release outside the United States will follow. Book four’s release date is unknown.

Regarding the title, Paolini said, “‘Brisingr’ is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and it’s always felt right to me.” “As the first ancient-language word that Eragon learns, it has held particular significance for his legacy as a Dragon Rider. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.” “Brisingr” is the Ancient Language word for “fire”, used to summon and control fire by magic-users in the series.

The cover, featuring the gold dragon Glaedr, was illustrated by John Jude Palencar. The content of the cover was one of the few things initially confirmed by Paolini. The cover was to feature an emerald-green dragon looking to the right. However, Paolini later indicated that this was affected by the expansion of the series to a four-book cycle, but did not explain the change at the time.

In a July 1, 2008 newsletter from, Paolini revealed that Brisingr will have a subtitle: “The Seven Promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular”.

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