How to Upgrade iPAQ Hx2000 series to WM6

My HX2750 on WM6.1

Since i’m very free today (no overtime, no more movies to watch for today, no syg this week 🙁 ) so I’ve decided to get my iPAQ HX2750 upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 and it took me 30minutes to get things done. Here’s how it works :p

1) Download the WM6 ROM from here (
2) Uncompress the downloaded file & put it into this directory (C:wm6). I’m using wm6 as it’s folder name just to make sure there are no SPACES in the directory path.
3) Plug your iPAQ to cradle @ USBsync cable.
4) Get the device to Pre-BootLoader state by pressing iTask + Contacts + Reset button.
5) Then just run the C:wm6hpRUU.exe
6) Now you can get yourself a cup of Tongkat Ali and wait for it to flash your iPAQ 🙂
7) After the flashing process has completed, let it reset on its own and you’ll get your precious iPAQ HX2000 series running on Windows Mobile 6.1 ! Yeay!


PS : Now my iPAQ is running faster on WM6 than my previous WM5 :p

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