Live Tracking and Web Statistics
Woopra’s revolutionary server architecture, combined with its intuitively designed client software, enables seamless tracking of visitors. Webmasters can track over 40 different statistical events and analytics. Never before has so much information been instantaneously available to Webmasters.

Most analytical and site statistics are updated once a day at the least, or several times during the day. With Woopra, you get live track of visitors coming and going and moving through your site. You get the stats now.

For more info, visit their site @ http://www.woopra.com

TestFest 2008 wrap-up

Overall 158 tests have been submitted as part of TestFest 2008 since the launch of the TestFest submission site by 30 different people from people all over the world. Actually this is not counting the various submissions by existing core developers, who also took this opportunity to add some more tests. While the organization of the TestFest was a bit adhoc, there were numerous TestFest events in local user groups. So the number of people exposed to the PHP test framework is much greater. Hopefully this will lead to more people submitting bug reports with an accompanying phpt test file!

Our top submitter Felix has actually committed his last submissions himself since, based on the high quality of his submissions, he has been granted commit rights to the PHP repository. We have not heard back from all participants, but we encourage everybody to blog about their experience and provide us with feedback on how to improve future events.

Now better late than never, here are the 10 winners of the promised elePHPant raffle sponsored by Nexen. Note that Felix asked me not to include him in the raffle, since he is already herding quite a number of elePHPants at home.

  • Eric Stewart
  • HÃ¥vard Eide
  • Marc Veldman
  • Michelangelo van Dam
  • Rein Velt
  • Rob Young
  • Sami Greenbury
  • Sebastian Deutsch
  • Sebastian Schürmann
  • Stefan Koopmanschap

We will provide Nexen with the email addresses of the winners, so that they can arrange to get the elePHPants shipped. Also for those people wondering, you can continue to submit tests on the TestFest submission site. A bit thank you to all participants and TestFest organizers! Without the countless people that helped organize local events, implement the infrastructure and submissions reviewers, the TestFest would have obviously not worked out as well as it has. We will surely do similar events in the future based on the big success of TestFest 2008.

Manual restructure and license change

A few weeks ago the manual was restructured
to improve navigation and make room for
per-extension chapters
and usage examples along with
improved documentation for
object oriented extensions.

The most noticable changes are the function reference,
predefined variables,
context options and parameters and
predefined exceptions manual pages,
for which we would really appreciate feedback on.

The upcomming PHP5.3 release introduces
several major features
such as namespaces, closures,
late static bindings, internationalization functions,
INI sections, and Phar among others.
We would really appreciate any and all help we can get improving the documentation.

In related news, the manual was relicensed recently and is now
covered by the
CreativeCommons Attribution license.

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