Warcraft 3 / DOTA on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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  1. Hi, I’m having a somewhat strange bug with newer DotA versions: When someone draws First Blood, I get a rather brutal lag (some seconds on which the game freezes; sometimes other players can see that I “lag” because there is a “waiting for player” window). Fairly new Intel MacBook with Core2Duo, so performance should be okay. Any advice/comments? Thanks.

  2. I’m running the latest version (6.64b iirc), but I’ve had the problem since 6.59 or something. Running an even older version is hardly possible since no one on BattleNet will play on those old maps.

  3. hey i just got a new mac book pro os x snow leopard. how to install dota on it? i totallt got no idea? can you guide?
    isit possible to dl dota on a mac? without changing to a windows format? thanks

  4. @Annika hv u tried reinstalling everything? maybe that might help
    @uziel u can always use the same CD that u got to install Warcraft on Windows. They’ve already preloaded with the Mac version 🙂

  5. hello there. bout dota using mac, when my friens using windows join, after few secs they r d/c. is it something wrong with my patch or anything else?

  6. hi can you please send me the link of warcraft software where i can download and also please send me the guide on how to install w3 on my mac osx 10.5.6
    please i need your reply..

    thank you so much

  7. @lutfi : to be safe, try use the same version of w3 for ur PC and frens.
    @nap : u just use the same CD that u’ve used to install w3 on windows, the installer for MacOSX is already included

  8. I just installed
    warcraft ( both ROC & TFT ) on my mac for the first time since I switched. I downloaded the latest Dota map ( it is a custom warcraft map, there’s gotta be someone familiar with it round here ), and copied it into the map folder. When I run the game, the map won’t show where it should be, ie is not read by the game.Please help!

  9. hi how can i download Warcraft 3 on my MAC OX S. I dont have boot camp on my MAC because it said need CD/DVD for it. Just dunno why but if we can play W3 on MAC without boot capm can u help me my email is daniel_le308@hotmail.com send me an email as quick pls. Thanks

  10. dude, can you help me where i can download/find dota installer for mac ? i need it dude :D. if u have an installer dota for mac, please email me back. i’m from indonesia. thanks 🙂

  11. Hi, need help as well please…

    where can i find the link for the most updated DotA version for Mac…?

    Thank you in advance…

  12. Hi! I’ve got the latest mac OS which is lion, can anyone send dots that is compatible with it? i really want to play but i don’t know where to find one.. cheers!

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  14. I went to http://www.getdota.com/install_guide and followed the whole thing. I updated the TFT latest patch so I can install DOTA. When it’s done downloading, I opened the file and it started patching. When it was done, I quit the program and tried to download the latest map as it says on the next step to download. I when I tried to download it, it was giving me this message.

    404 Page Not Found
    The page you requested was not found.

    1. Same problem!!! Please email me if you did a solution. It will be much appreciated. My email has no caps, thanks!

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