Dealing With Micromanagement

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Working with a boss who can’t or won’t delegate. Looks over our shoulder all the time. Obsesses over the most minute details. I’ve had quite a few people talk to me recently looking for some advice about dealing constructively with the micromanagers in their midst, so here I am to proffer a few ideas.

Why Does this Happen?

Micromanagement comes from….

Fear: Of someone else getting credit. Of blame if something goes wrong. Of personal failure on the part of the individual doing it. Fear that if they don’t put their stamp on it, no one will see how hard they work.

Insecurity: People who obsessively micromanage often aren’t sure they’ve got what it takes themselves, so they step on other people in order to make themselves feel better. This bit can range from the annoying to outright bullying.

Need for control: This can be not understanding that there’s more than one way to the finish line. It can be ego, bravado, or a false need to assert authority in order to demonstrate pecking order or dominance. It can be their own disorganization showing through in trying to force others to be organized for them.

Lack of Trust: Whether warranted or not, they don’t feel like the people involved can do the job handed to them. Or they don’t think things are going to get done if they’re not touching every detail. That can be a symptom of the wrong team sometimes, or the right people and a simple lack of confidence that they can deliver.

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