Pantun Lenggang Kangkung

A question from @farizatoy‘s tweet ” lenggang kankung ” – kenapa kangkung ea? kenapa x lenggang sawi ke lenggang bayam ke lenggang kailan masak ikan masin ke..kan?

So here’s the answer 🙂

The lyrics of Lenggang Kangkung is based on the format of a pantun. The first two lines of the pantuns and have no other purpose than to set up a sound and rhyme pattern for the second couplet. The second couplet is the only meaningful part of a pantun.

Lenggang, lenggang kangkung
Kangkung tepi telaga
Balik dari menyabung
Makan nasi lauk tak ada.

Lenggang, lenggang kangkung
Kangkung berbatas-batas
Kalau orangnya sombong
Satu hari mendapat balas.

Lenggang, lenggang kangkung
Kangkung berjela-jela
Hati bongkak dan sombong
Itu bukan pakalan kita.

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Kangkung Belacan :p

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