Eggbeater 2 Rebuild Kit

Dah dapat rebuild kit for eggbeater 2. RM52.50 plus GST at KSH Bicycle. Boleh pukul telur dengan lebih yakin.


Sedikit artikel tentang Maintenance Schedule Eggbeater 2 dari official website Crank Brothers

every ride
Inspect the pedals and cleats for wear, damage or loose parts. Test cleat engagement.

maintenance for needle bearing (every 30-50 hours of ride time)
maintenance for bushing (every 50-75 hours of ride time)
Clean and re-grease pedal internals. With pedals on the bike, remove endcap with a large screwdriver. Using an 8mm socket wrench, remove the spindle nut and slide the pedal off the spindle. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and pedal body interior. Wipe off seal and re-install onto spindle (note orientation). Apply a generous amount of grease to the spindle and inside the pedal body. Slide body back onto spindle and tighten spindle nut to 4Nm. Install the endcap and tighten to 2.5- 3Nm. Make sure the main seal is inside the pedal body. Repeat on other side.
Lubricate the wing assembly by applying a drop or two of dry type chain oil where the bars and spring pivot. Wipe away any excess.

Overhaul (every 150-200 hours / annually)
Install the appropriate crankbrothers pedal rebuild kit per instructions included with the kit,Β or you can send your pedals to crankbrothers for a Spa Treatment.
Inspect and replace cleats every 300-500 hours or if worn.

Intervals based on rider style and geographic location

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