LSR : Inas Loop CCW + Broga Jantan Loop + Bukit Hantu

Satu idea gila geng LSR untuk yang “lapar” elevation. Tak mustahil. Kena rancang dengan teliti untuk energy management, pacing, support car, feeding, recovery. InsyaAllah.

Route : Tol Pajam – Bukit Setul – Senawang – Rembau – Bukit Inas – Bukit Sampah – Bukit Seri Menanti – Bukit Putus – Senawang – Bukit Setul (Jalan Lama) – Bukit Puyuh – Lenggeng – Bukit Mendum – Bukit Tangga – K.Klawang – Genting Peras – Batu 18 – Batu 14 – Bukit Hantu – Semenyih – Pajam (via LEKAS)

Route :
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Cycling Technique : Standing Climbing

An understanding of technique and how to use your strength are critical if you want to climb effectively out of the saddle.

Even more costly on the cardiovascular system than seated climbing, a standing climb uses more muscle groups and requires a fit and functional core if you are going to effectively transfer power from your upper to lower body and vice versa. Aside from sprinting, it is the most ‘whole body’ form of exercise on the bike for cyclists. Continue reading “Cycling Technique : Standing Climbing”

Training Effect

Training Effect Guides You for Effective Exercise

Training Effect is a personalized measure to gauge the effect of exercise on aerobic fitness on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. It helps to see how easy or hard your workouts are by visualizing the effect of the workout automatically, already in real-time. Simply start your workout, exercise freely as you like and stop when satisfied with the result. Based on the results, it is easy to understand the actual effects of your workouts to make sure you are performing the workouts optimally and not too easy or too hard.

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Ronda Rondi Bukit Mahkota

Kayuhan berdua (dengan kapten Mamat Gillo) yang agak memenatkan. Walaupun cuma kayuhan keliling Bukit Mahkota tapi disebabkan kawasan ni berbukit-bukit, hongeh yang amat. Hampir cramp tapi Mamat ajak layan cadence sampai hilang la cramp tu. 34km pertama penat mungkin sebab tak cukup tenaga dan gap makan yang jauh sebelum waktu mula kayuh. Mujur dapat singgah kedai beli 100Plus baru lah boleh meneruskan kayuhan dengan lebih rileks. Motivasi malam ni, mencuba jam Garmin Fenix 3 =)

Route : Sekitar Bukit Mahkota (panjat bukit tangki air 2 kali) – Bangi Avenue – Bangi Lama – Impian Putra – Bandar Sri Putra – Bangi Lama – Bukit Bangi Avenue (via 99 Speedmart) – Bukit Mahkota

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.55.03

  • Ride Name: Ronda Rondi Bukit Mahkota
  • Distance: 53.73 km
  • Elevation Gain: 675.5 m
  • Moving Time: 02:23:21
  • Location: Kajang Selangor

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.58.08

How to adjust a Shimano Shadow Plus rear derailleur

Shimano’s Shadow Plus rear derailleurs have improved chain retention and shift accuracy by reducing the movement of the derailleur’s cage. The clutch mechanism inside a Shimano Shadow Plus rear derailleur uses friction to resist the forward movement of the derailleur cage. Over time riders may find they need to increase the amount of friction on the clutch to account for normal wear. This tutorial will keep your Shimano XTR, XT or SLX Shadow Plus rear derailleur shifting with precision and a bare minimum of chain slap for many miles to come. Continue reading “How to adjust a Shimano Shadow Plus rear derailleur”

Kayuhan Bersama Spirit Teratai Cycle

Kayuhan yang sedikit memenatkan dan tak lawas. Mungkin sebab kaki belum recover dari Santai Bukit Kutu sabtu lepas & training volleyball malam tadi. Betis masih terasa jelly dan lutut masih sedikit bengkak. Route kali ni suggested by Tok (Ruzaini). Reverse Desa Pinggiran Bayu diikuti dengan Bukit Puyuh Reverse. Dapat extra mileage sebab rescue mission tube rider (kawan Syameer HMR) pancit. Gear transmission sedikit groggy pada gear rendah jadi susah nak menekan (balik kerja harini kena check RD positioning & cuba adjust sendiri). Kudos to Din Snake for the Giro Carbide (akhirnya dapat juga extra kasut MTB, selalu lenjan Mavic sedikit berat dan bulky), & proses penukaran component baru Eggbeater 2 (rebuild kit) sebelum kayuhan di Mysa Bikehub.

Screenshot 2015-05-13 10.30.20

  • Ride Name: Kayuhan Bersama Spirit Teratai Cycle
  • Distance: 47.14 km
  • Elevation Gain: 457 m
  • Moving Time: 02:02:38
  • Location: Mantin Negeri Sembilan

Screenshot 2015-05-13 10.29.45

Shimano Deore XT M8000 11-speed first ride

Last month’s announcement of Shimano’s latest Deore XT groupset got a lot of people excited. Now, ahead of its arrival on 2016 bikes, BikeRadar has been given an opportunity to give the latest components a try-out.

Related: For the full technical run down of the Deore XT M8000 group see our first look article

1x no try!

Deore xt will eventually be available in single, double and triple configurations:

Sorry, you can’t try out the single ring version yet say Shimano

A lot of people reading this article are going to want to get first ride impressions of XT in its 1x form… and I’m sorry to admit that we can’t deliver on that score. Shimano didn’t have samples ready for the 1x variant of new Deore XT – disappointing stuff indeed. Instead, our Deore XT equipped test bike came in double-ring guise with a 36t/26t chainset and an 11-speed 11-40t cassette.

Setup and ergonomics

Ispec ii integration allows for independent two way adjustment for the brake and shift levers while maximising free space at the handlebar:

I-Spec II integration allows for independent two-way adjustment for the brake and shift levers while maximising free space at the handlebar

Before setting off to the Italian trails of Riva del Garda we first got the cockpit controls of our XT equipped test bikes dialled in to our preference. XTR-mimicking I-Spec II levers now allow for independent fore/aft and inboard/outboard adjustment of the shift and brake levers, while at the same time occupying minimal space at the handlebar, neat. Similarly, the XT brakes were tweaked to our liking through simple external adjustments.

First ride impressions

The trails of riva del garda proved a suitable playground to try out the new deore xt:

The trails of Riva del Garda proved a suitable playground for trying out the new Deore XT

With everything in its right place we set off to find some gradient, shifting through the cassette for the first time – and were confronted with a familiar feel. Perhaps unsurprisingly, XT’s action at the right-hand lever is very similar to that of XTR M9000. The lever’s throw is surprisingly long but requires minimal effort and yet provides enough feel to easily determine each movement of the chain. Scaling the cassette in either direction is fast, and the ability to upshift twice in one push will be useful for some yet doesn’t affect the feel of a normal single shift.

Textured shift levers mimic those of xtr:

Textured shift levers mimic those of XTR

Compare the shift to that of SRAM’s 1x family and we’d say it’s a lighter action, but one that’s less positive – swings and roundabouts, in other words. We shifted in anger, cross-chained like buffoons and tried our best to lose the chain, but couldn’t find fault.

Up front was XT’s side-swing front derailleur, which once again borrows technology from XTR M9000. To best understand side-swing, think of turning a conventional front derailleur 90 degrees and mounting it sideways.

The recent shift to dedicated 1x transmissions has no doubt been fuelled by frustrations with existing double setups, which often appear sensible on paper but can disappoint in real-world riding conditions and deliver a noisy, flappy and frustrating ride once things get rough.

In contrast to this, our initial impression of the new Deore XT front derailleur had it as probably the most impressive part of the group. Shift effort was remarkably low and moving up to the bigger ring has never felt easier or smoother. It’s almost like having two right hand shifters.

The side-swing front derailleur was a real performance highlight for us:

Shimano isn’t giving up on the front derailleur any time soon, and rightly so

As touched on above, chain retention was great, with not one Deore XT equipped rider dropping a chain over several hours of test riding. The front derailleur can take some thanks for that, but most applause should probably go to the Deore XT rear derailleur with its adjustable clutch mechanism that now comes with a bigger, easier to switch lever.

We’re still massively keen to try XT in 1x format but this double setup did in fact deliver everything we wanted from it – and, in fact, we reckon it could tempt a lot of people away from ditching that front derailleur.


Deore xt brakes are a continuation of a proven design:

Shimano stoppers, still a safe bet

It’s established fact that Shimano stoppers are pretty damn good, and these XT versions deliver business as usual. On the trails they provided ample power and remained well modulated throughout the duration of the test. On the steepest trail sections and after a couple of minutes of heavy use the levers did pump up slightly but power didn’t fade as a result and releasing the brakes briefly did seem to remedy this. This was likely the result of taking on a small bit of air in the system owing to the fact that the brake lines had to be switched before the ride to suit the preference of our UK rider.

Source : bikeradar

Kayuhan Rutin Rabu #STC – Malam Ini Nordin Berasap

  • Ride Name: Malam Ini Nordin Berasap
  • Distance: 28.65 km
  • Elevation Gain: 318.9 m
  • Moving Time: 01:23:10
  • Location: Kajang Selangor

Route : Bukit Mahkota 5 – Bukit Mahkota 6 – Banyan Close – Bandar Sri Putra – Impian Putra – Bangi Lama – Bangi Avenue – Rinching – Batang Benar – Nilai 3 – Bukit Mahkota 5

Kayuhan santai memandangkan ada rider baru (Amin) yang baru pindah masuk ke Bandar Sri Putra minggu lepas join kali ni. Dan juga sebab clipless pedal eggbeater 2 tak dapat pakai (bearing pecah semalam). Kena ke Sam dengar ada stok RM80 untuk sparepart tapi tak sempat buat masa ni. Tapi tak sengaja terKOM (sekejap sebelum Famy & Kayoi update kayuhan) di segment Kubur Berasap Reverse (Strava). Rasa pelik tak dapat menarik bila mengayuh guna platform pedal yang Fairuz (Mysa Bikehub) pinjamkan.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 00.01.01


Screenshot 2015-05-07 11.21.48

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