Migrated to Fedora 7 :p


At last i’ve migrated to Fedora..Both my pc at the office and laptop at home are using Fedora 7. But i still have to keep my windows and let them have dual boot so that i can use Microsoft Visio & play Dota which still depends on Windows to operate. Although we have Dia Editor as replacement for Visio but i found that it’s taking longer steps to complete a diagram than using Visio :p But, i have no problem browsing the net, doing PHP development, servers configuration, printing documents, emails, YM, Skype, xChat, watching animes & tv series, listening to mp3s, etc. And also i can even still use the NTFS partition which i use for Windows using ntfs-3g 😉 Hoooreyyyy


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  1. I’m curious, since I have never experienced Fedora, is it any better than Ubuntu, which is the only distro I have ever experienced.

    Wait, u can use NTFS partition? As in applying changes to its files? Or just viewing them?


  2. I’ve not yet tested Ubuntu but a friend of mine said that it’s good too but not as good as Fedora 7. You can take a look at the new features on Fedora at http://fedoraproject.org/relnotes.html
    Regarding the NTFS partition, yes i can use like normal partition. Just install ntfs-3g and then use this command to let fedora use the partition

    [root@localhost neotech]# ntfs-3g /dev/sda5 /media/d_drive/ -o force

    Just make sure u use /sbin/fdisk -l to check on the available disk.

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