My HX2750 on WM5 ;)


I’ve got my PDA back and i’ve managed to upgrade it to Windows Mobile 5. At least i can watch movie & clips @ play games @ read some e-books on mobile :p

List of installed Applications

  1. Spb Weather
  2. Spb Pocket PC Tips and Tricks
  3. Spb Imageer
  4. Spb Full Screen Keyboard
  5. Spb Backup
  6. Astraware Rocket Mania (game)
  7. Astraware Bookworm (game)
  8. Astraware Big Money (game)
  9. Spb Pocket Plus
  10. Fann Software CapsScrUtil (screenshot)
  11. zsIRC
  12. Namco PAC-MAN (game)
  13. Namco Galaga (game)
  14. Agile Messenger
  15. Adobe Reader for PPC
  16. Owner Info X
  17. Pocket RAR
  18. Resco Explorer
  19. Core Media Player

CapScr0001.jpg CapScr0004.jpg CapScr0003.jpg CapScr0002.jpg

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