Brand New Advertising Banner for me!

old one yeck yeck :pA new advertising banner at last. I’m kinda bored with the previous static less-attractive button of my blog so i’ve decided to design a new one.
Designed using Photoshop CS2 where a few blue color rectangles being arranged and each layers being set to overlay on each other. For text’s fonts, i’m using Base 02 and Myriad Pro. As for the zoom effect for the bottom text, i’ve created 2 layers each and link-to-merasterize them before adding Filter > Blur > Motion blur effect on it. Then i took it to Adobe ImageReady CS (many ppl don’t realize that it came in a bundle with Photoshop for ages :p) once all the texts has been rasterized and motion blurred. Animation being set there where i just enable and disable one layer by one layer for the texts with 0 seconds for the motion blur effect for each text, and 3 seconds for the readable-type text. And thats it i’m done.

If you like my site, please put this button by using the codes which you can find on my blog’s sidebar under Link-to-Me section. As an exchange, i could put yours here too 🙂

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