Introducing FirewallScript
Firewall Script offers unparalelled protection against web based attacks for any website supporting PHP.
Never before has this level of protection been available without costly routers or hardware.

FireWall Script is the world’s first fully configurable PHP-based website firewall. It can work with any PHP application, and we even offer “packs” for some of the most popular software to help get you started.

  • Can work with any PHP script
  • Included admin control panel allows full configuration of the software
  • Support for multiple administrators. You can add, edit, and delete accounts from the admin panel.
  • Admin panel update notification and news feeds keep you up to date on FWS
  • Fully configurable DOS protection allows you to block access to your site for a user when they have multiple requests in a short period of time
  • Fully configurable rules
  • CAPTCHA support in rules allows you to show a CAPTCHA verification on any matched request
  • Akismet integration allows you to do everything you can with rules when submitted text is identified as spam
  • Admin login logs allow you to keep track of which administrators are using the admin panel
  • Traffic logs for all traffic on your site (archived daily)
  • Blocked request logs show you what was blocked and show you everything PHP had available during the request so you can review blocked requests
  • Spam logs show you requests identified as spam through Akismet
  • DOS logs show you requests identified as DOS attacks and subsequently blocked
  • Help section gives you quick access to support for the software
  • Specify rule title, notes and category for your own referencing and categorization
  • Ability to log requests blocked by rule
  • Ability to get email notifications for requests blocked by rules
  • For requests matching a rule you can allow the request, exit script execution, show an error, show specified HTML, redirect to another page, execute a custom php plugin, or even show a CAPTCHA verification
  • Ability to look in all PHP superglobals
  • Full regex power gives you the ability to look for what you want, where you want

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