My Nokia 3230 Fixed yeay~!

It’s been a few days since i came back from my company’s trip to Cameron Highland and i’m still suffering from overdose of strawberry :p Works piling up, no time to look at blogs & webs, no time for tv series at night 🙁

So i’ve managed to get my nokia-cap-ayam-3230 phone fixed after 3 months of suffering after it has failed to boot all of a sudden. It costs me RM40 and just 30minutes to get it fixed and walla~! Byebye Motorola cap ayam (my spare phone which i find it very hard to txt ppl). This time, i’ve got it fixed, bought a new 1GB memory card, and lots of new apps & tweaks :p

Who said Nokia 3230 tak best? Here’s some screenshots of my new-3230 🙂

Scr000015.jpg Scr000014.jpg Scr000013.jpg Scr000012.jpg Scr000011.jpg Scr000010.jpg Scr000008.jpg Scr000007.jpg Scr000006.jpg Scr000005.jpg

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