IRC-like Skype Command

For skype users out there, you can use IRC-like commands on your skype chat session. Available commands:

/me [text]
/topic [text]
/add [skypename]
/find [text]
/fa or /
/alertson [text]
/call [skypename] ..
/get creator
/get role
/whois [skypename]
/setrole [skypename] MASTER|HELPER|USER|LISTENER
/kick [skypename]
/kickban [skypename]

/get guidelines
/set guidelines [text]
/get options
/set options [[+|-]flag] ..
/setpassword [password] [password hint]
/get password_hint
/set password_hint [text]
/set password [text]
/get banlist
/get allowlist
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..
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  1. Some API commands for /set options [[+|-]flag] ..


    JOINING_ENABLED When this bit is off, new users cannot join the chat.
    JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS When this bit is on, new users will be able to join the chat but they will be unable to post or receive messages until authorized by one of the chat administrators (CREATOR or MASTER).
    JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS When this bit is on, new users will be able to receive message in chat but unable to post until promoted to USER role. Basically a read-only flag for new users.
    HISTORY_DISCLOSED When this bit is off, newly joined members can see chat history prior to their joining. Maximum amount of history backlog available is either 400 messages or 2 weeks of time, depending on which limit is reached first.
    USERS_ARE_LISTENERS Read-only flag for chat members with USER role.
    TOPIC_AND_PIC_LOCKED_FOR_USERS When this bit of options is off, USER level chat members can change chat topic and the topic picture.
    USERS_ARE_WRITERS ? This appeared to me after setting and removing the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS in a chat, but I didn’t recognize some changed behavior to the standard.

  2. i been trying to use /setrole in my group chat . ( trying to change then to users) and they just stay master not never what i do any help would great thanks.

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