How to Upgrade iPAQ Hx2000 series to WM6

My HX2750 on WM6.1

Since i’m very free today (no overtime, no more movies to watch for today, no syg this week πŸ™ ) so I’ve decided to get my iPAQ HX2750 upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 and it took me 30minutes to get things done. Here’s how it works :p

1) Download the WM6 ROM from here (
2) Uncompress the downloaded file & put it into this directory (C:wm6). I’m using wm6 as it’s folder name just to make sure there are no SPACES in the directory path.
3) Plug your iPAQ to cradle @ USBsync cable.
4) Get the device to Pre-BootLoader state by pressing iTask + Contacts + Reset button.
5) Then just run the C:wm6hpRUU.exe
6) Now you can get yourself a cup of Tongkat Ali and wait for it to flash your iPAQ πŸ™‚
7) After the flashing process has completed, let it reset on its own and you’ll get your precious iPAQ HX2000 series running on Windows Mobile 6.1 ! Yeay!


PS : Now my iPAQ is running faster on WM6 than my previous WM5 :p

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  1. alololo :* sian syg i bored. wknd ni insyaAllah we’ll spend time tgthr k? byk movies nak tgk with u.. hehe (plus nk tgk syg i tetdo lg x tgk movies…. hehehe , :p)

  2. Hey thanks for posting this. Trying to follow your instructions but every time I put the device in pre boot loader mode it loses connection with the pc and HP RUU programme says error with activesync lost connection. How can I do this please. Thank you. Adam

  3. Now my device says “digital sign mismatch” and the pc window says “wrong dll for device”. I don’t understand! My device is genuine Ipaq 2790, bought in KL so what is the problem? Please help. TQ.

  4. Hi Adam, since you’ve came to the second part of the installation, i’m assuming you dont have anymore issues with your activesync anymore. I too encountered the “digital sign mismatch” error. So what i did is I transferred all the files into this folder “c:wm6” so that my path has no empty spaces. Then only the digital sign mismatch problem resolved.

    Wrong Path : “C:iPAQ hx2000 6.01.02 WM6.1”
    Right Path : “C:wm6”

    Just make sure there are no empty spaces for your installation folder.

  5. Hi,

    so how do you know this is a good Wm6 upgrade, with no bugs?
    Does it include all the microsoft software and connectivity tools, etc?
    thank you


  6. So far my PPC didn’t face any problems with the WM6 upgrade assuming it’s good and bugs-free. It’s actually a whole package of complete WM6 including mobile version of MS Office & also ActiveSync plus the WiFi & Bluetooth (since my PPC only have those connection available).

  7. I’ve tried to follow your directions, but I continue to get the missmatch error. I have a 2795. I’ve removed the passwork


  8. I’ve been thinking about what could be going wrong. The preboemot loader state may be the problem. When do this it goes to the rebooting screen, but does nothing. I have to do a soft reset to get it to reconnect. Am I doing something wrong here? Should I try doing a hard reset or reinstalling the wm5 software?
    thank for your time.

  9. Yo man!
    I folowed your instructions (including coffie tips) and everything runs OK. IPAQ 2790 is now working perfectly, I’m sure it’s faster now then before with WM5.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  10. hey man! i have a problem with the installation.. when i put my ipaq hx2415 in Pre-BL my PC don’t recongnize it, and i can’t run the upgrade… can U help me! :0S
    Thanks NeoTech

  11. Hi NeoTech and Adam,

    I cant get my device to be correctly connected while starting in pre-boot… Is there any trick ?


  12. Hi, I heard a lot of positive opinions about another ROM – 5.07.04 – being said that WM6.1 ROMs are a little bit unstable and generally less recommended that WM6 ROMs (as of May 08). Do you have any experience in this? Can you tell that this new ROM is better (as in faster & more stable) than the older one I found?

  13. Hi there. I have HP iPAQ 6320 Palm OS. it has WM2003. I want to upgrade it to WM6. Can I do it with my Bluetooth, WiFi and phone still functioning? This would be really nice if I could. I would highly appreciate your help.

  14. Hi I have a issue with this romon my hx2110 upgrade is ok but ppc don’t want boot after .I have the HP screen with a blue bar growing, whit “6.01.02.PV” write, but when the bar is full nothing happens…. somebody can help me please??

  15. hey all, I figured out the problem with the pre-boot not communicating. Just hit the calendar button on the pre-boot screen so that it says “USB” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Hope this helps all you guys!

  16. Managed the flash well. Only problem on my hp 2790 was that contacts is non-functional. Anyone else experience problem? any fixes found?

  17. All of this works great however you cannot use Windows Vista’s Sync program you MUST use the Windows XP’s Active Sync. I tried a number of times and had an old XP box laying around and that is what it worked on.

  18. Hi I have a issue with this romon my hx2110 upgrade is ok but ppc don’t want boot after .I have the HP screen with a blue bar growing, whit β€œ6.01.02.PV” write, but when the bar is full nothing happens…. somebody can help me please??
    same problem then saq__d__aus

    help please!!

  19. Hello. Thanks for the upgrade. Worked flawlessly. Ipaq 2750 running wm2003se. Synced it ran the update from the folder as sugested. All buttons work. Thanks again. Now I can use more up to date apps.

  20. Hx2790C
    Dos anyone know of a rom that will work on the 2790C. I can’t find any information on the C model. Thanks

  21. Has anyone found a way to get this to work through Vista. I don’t have access to an XP machine to do this on but would really love the improvements.


  22. I didn’t have any problems doing the update… The only thing that I’d like to notice is that the HP program doesn’t work in Windows Vista… I guess because the ActiveSync. I tried in Win XP at the company and works fine.

    The programs are faster and better!

    Thank you to NEOTECH!!!!!

  23. ty jo ste p?knΓ­ zmrdi p?kn? ste mi posrali PDA vy lami debilnΓ­. sere te m? ?urΓ‘ci. zabiju vΓ‘s!

  24. I have used the above suggestions including the correct files in the C:folder, USB is displaying at the bottom right hand side of my screen, But the bar across the screen on the PDa (IPAQ HX2750) does not tuen blue and move across the screen frleft to right and the hpRUU (04/25/2005) file just stops and doest even get to an aerror messoage.
    Question: what drivers are used in vista?
    THere are two alt drivers that stand alone and there are a slew of them now. SHould I change the drivers for my HP Sync device?

  25. Hi.
    I have a problem with my hx2490. When i’m executing hpRUU.exe the IPAQ are restarting. The in Windows XP the bar shows 1.0%. And at the IPAQ i gor Digital Signature Missmatch. I have tried to rename folder name. But it’s same. I have also restarted IPAQ with those two button and reset button at the same time. same thing. Please help.



  26. Hi I have an issue with this rom on my hx2110 upgrade is ok but ppc don’t want to boot after .I have the HP screen with a blue bar growing, with β€œ6.01.02.PV” written, but when the bar is full nothing happens…. somebody can help me please??
    same problem then saq__d__aus

    Need help please !

  27. IPAQ : Hx2415
    PC : Windows XP, ActiveSync 4.5

    i can follow all the steps without any problem. After RESET by itself, it remains in ‘6.01.02.PV ENG’ screen.
    I saw many people having same problem,

    plz help~~~

    For others, DON’T try this image now WITHOUT my call. you may lose your precious IPAQ.

  28. Neotech hello friend just finished the update of the team but not reset the computer to use the win 6.1. how long it takes, really? help me please.

  29. Hi! Well this finally worked! I had a bad week until I fuond this post dude… thanx.
    I had the same problems you guys had and I own an hx2490b running WM5.
    As I am running Win7, I had to install Win XP on a virtual machine. Then (always on VirtualBox) installed Active Sync 4.5, had it run, connect the ppc, set the pre-bl mode while connected (sync actually closes) and then run hpRUU.exe. Just had to wait for a little, then the upgrade begun. Running Win Mobile 6.1 on my device now!!!

  30. Sorry if I’m being extra-thick but I’m not clear on “iTask+Contacts+Reset buttons” to get into pre-bootloader mode. Which button is the reset button?

  31. Hello, just wondering but everything seemed to go fine. after it said everything was finnished the ipaq HX2490 restarted screen turned to 6.01.02.PV ENG and gets to 100 % and sits there. so i left it for a wile and nothing. did a soft reset and same, did a hard reset, and same any info would help please. thank you

  32. i found the answer to the question, and for the rest who may have been stuck at the same issue which i do see in past posts, Which is the last step that is left out. you need to do a calendar+messaging+power+reset which will restart the device and do a format and up comes 6.1 and works like a top. good luck everyone thanks for the help.

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