My Nokia 3230 is Comma Whole Day

*sigh. My F***ing phone is suddenly dead and can’t reboot all of a sudden this morning. It got stuck at the NOKIA wordings and then thats it. GONE. This is the second time the incident happens. Before this, I’ve spent RM40 by sending to a repair shop at LowYat and it took me 30minutes to get it back on. The taukeh said it’s because of virus problem so I don’t think long and just pass it to him. This time, I’ve no time and not in the mood of spending RM50 (plus the STAR LRT & MONOREL) to get it done.

So, i’ve start googling for any online solution & found this wonderful guide ( which helps me to recover my phone. Eventually NOKIA have this one way to let users to do it on their own since 6600 (duh~! why I didn’t bother to google on this before). By just pressing the Green (call) button, star (*), & number three (3) button all at once for a few secs, we can see the phone displaying Formatting message appearing. Then came the set clock & time screen just like first-time-boot and thats it, all done. Got my phone back, but my phone numbers all missing πŸ™ I’ve got lucky all my SMS is still on the phone thanks to MsDriveE which let me store all my SMS on my storage card. Brrrr.. Have to start guessing who’s calling @ check all SMS for their owners then :p

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