PS3 Slims Pics And Specs

Sony’s official press release for the PlayStation 3 Slim reveals a few updated features and a whole slew of sexy product shots of the PS3’s skinny little brother.

The new model heralds a slew of changes for the PlayStation 3 brand, include a change in the official all-caps PLAYSTATION 3 brand to the PlayStation 3 everyone was using anyway, and a new PS3 logo, as seen etched on the side of the new console.

The new console will come standard with the recently announced firmware 3.0. A vertical stand will be made available for purchase to make the system vertical, and it will also house a Bravia Sync feature, allowing users to control the PS3 with their Bravia TV remote.

The final change is the removal of the Install Other OS feature, meaning no LINUX installs on the smaller unit. The release states that “The new PS3 system will focus on delivering games and other entertainment content, and users will not be able to install other Operating Systems to the new PS3 system.”



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